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An Ode To My Mentor - Richard 'Dick' McHugh S.J. Ph.D.

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"Internalizing is better than Intellectualizing"


This book is as little as I can do in expressing my gratitude towards these giants in my life. They who saw me for who I am and now made me for what I am today. This book speaks about my mentor Dick McHugh who has mended me in so many ways, this book falls short if I had to tell you the lessons taught by him. His journey in India and how he was introduced to NLP and Gestalt. He has been such an inspiration who has led me explore my visions and helped me convert them into reality.

"The more I resist

The more I persist

The more I accept

The more it transforms"

Why did I write this book?

For anyone who asks “who Dick McHugh was to me? ”He was my mentor, my guide, my inspiration, my guru, my ode. I forever am in awe of his magnetic personality, his intelligence, his calm, his composure, how he dealt with relations. I always told him I want to age as gracefully as him and, he would simply smile. He was an ocean, where one could simply pour in any amount of grief and sorrow. People having conflicts and value mismatch would come through, pour their hearts in and receive a resolution. He led me to explore my own dark side, to know what my answers are and to accept myself the way I am. I learned to listen without judgment. I am not worth to be the dust of his feet. To his lotus feet I will always bow to, with respect with adoration with a sense of awe.

"Invite people and at the same time don’t let them invade"


How will this book benefit you?

This book will help you explore your inner potentials by reading about the magnificent work these giants have contributed. It will help you create meaningful connections at personal and professional fronts. This book will provide you with an insight of Dick McHugh's journey, and how he has inspired people in achieving the impossible.

"Knowledge is just A Rumor Unless it is in your muscle"

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

This book is written by Anil Thomas as a dedication to his mentor Dick McHugh. It has the words, quotes, emotions that Dick himself went throughout his journey in life. This book is a guide towards Dick's life experience and his little contribution through NLP and Gestalt towards Humanity. This book is a reflection of all the hard work put in by all these giants together to make what NLP is at present. This book is an enlighten to all those readers who look unto Dick McHugh and his work.

"Experience has no meaning so don’t spend time evaluating or rationalizing. Just be aware. Experience the experience."

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