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Suggested for :
1st Time Reader 
Reading is a support system, and everyone should read. Reading is a pre-requisite for self enhancement, now it doesn’t matter what genre, reading enables the reader to hold more point-of-views at one point in time.

Suggested for :
The best ages of one’s life is sadly spend in formal education, and not travelling, on the farm, horse riding, learning other skills of music etc. etc., it is therefore even more a requirement that young adults embrace the reading process, so as to enhance the map of their world to see more, hear more and eventually to become more.

Suggested for :
Parents/ Caregivers 
Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, well, life itself doesn’t have one! As parents one of the most imp task at hand is, “parents should be able to hold the views and expression of their children’ without judgment, condemnation, completion, projection, etc., so that, the channels of communication are kept open and the relation is open and supportive to growth

Suggested for :
Teachers/ Facilitators/ Mentors 
It is so important for teachers to be ready to have conversation on topics of curiosity from their student’s perspective, and to be willing to hold space for these young adults while they navigate their world and at the same time the world outside which continues to influence them.

Suggested for :
Counsellors/ Mental Health Enthusiasts & Practitioner 
Counselling and therapy is a pre-requisite to living and relating in the present world. The study of psychology is no more just professional subject, there is psychology everywhere, and with the way the new world has emerged, mental health is one of the biggest investment, and as a mental health practitioner these tools, concepts and techniques become so essential in everyday practice to hold spaces and converse.

Suggested for :
Corporate Leaders/ Coaches/ HR/ L&D 
To lead is a responsibility, being a leader ‘is not a position or a designation’, it is in the doing of leading, leading through disruption and unknown times that makes a leader. To be able to create the next leader is an asset and for that, one would need more than just jargons, one would need solid models, structures and pathways.

Suggest for :
Pro Reader/ SME/ Psychology Student 
As an ardent reader, you must have come across many topics and subjects, here are some more viewpoints to enrich the existing ones, these are deep work on mental health transformation from the space of crisis, very niche and unique, these books are a must add in the quiver.

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