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Project Inspire {Reading Group}

A Community that learns

& Upgrades

Pick from a wide range of resources to learn from quick practical courses to premium comprehensive Certification courses. Professionals and practitioners from across the board have come together to curate these course so that you could learn and upgrade with new skills and concepts in various fields and subjects that support career progressions and self growth in relations, health and equity.

Coming Up

Transform old beliefs and thoughts through daily practices.

Better outcome and productivity during high stake situation.

See this world from ‘Multiple description'.

Will be able to monitor life and its situations from an outside perceptive, as a result of the many learnings, and that will help see the blind spot.

Become better at the roles and functions that you play : be it a teacher, entrepreneur, father, sister, etc. 

Adding new skills to life, this will be a new step towards career progression and self growth.

Begin to learn concepts and tools relevant for current day growth.

Learning the art and science of self coaching and self leadership, which is the essence of all roles and deliberations


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The reading Group is a learning platform with course resources that will expand your range & consciousness. With lectures, crib notes and practice tools, this curriculum becomes an exhaustive learning platform that will enable you to participate and practice in the techniques and wisdom that has come through time.


Reading Group

Fire a new thought process


Attend the live online reading group and then access the recording anytime, any device.


One year access


Rs 6,000/- (yearly)


+91 77382 08418

Pro (Yearly)

₹6000 /year

(Paid yearly)

Access to 14 live class with Anil Thomas.

Recording of the reading group sessions.

Additional video courses by Anil Thomas.

Bonus video courses by master practitioners.

Certificate of learning and completion.

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Address : Office No.2, Legend Apartments,

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