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Cross That Bridge

You have the power to protect your peace_edited.png

"Learn from past, set vivid detailed goals for the future and live in the only moment of time over which you have control: now"


This book is about connecting the broken bridges in our life. It might be mending relationships that were broken, or crossing the bridge to achieve your success. We are all breakable in this world, we need to learn to convert our weaknesses into strength and keep on climbing the stairs towards your success. This book teaches you the art of balancing, and the things that help in overcoming those bridged gaps that will eventually help you in achieving your aim in life. Every action has a consequence, whether good or bad, learn from it and have faith in yourself.

"You are the CEO of your life"

Why did I write this book?

This book talks about the things that helped me in achieving my goals in life. It talks about all the things that are needed, in bridging the gap between where you are, to where you want to be. It talks about ways in which you chunk down the portion into half's, and find ways to achieve it as a whole. One will find ways towards success, keeping things much simpler and things that will help you in bridging the gap.

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"Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option"

How will this book benefit you?

This book helps you in seeking the guidance one needs, to bridge the gap between oneself and the goal. It motivates you by giving you ideas and ways that contribute towards gaping the bridge, things that sometimes you miss to notice, but they too contribute a part towards your success. It not only talks about Quality of life, that depends on quality of our communication but also about Chasing Meaningless goals. This book is a guidance towards how one can bridge the gap between the things that they have, towards to things that they need.

"Life is always a balance between good and bad, so whoever feels this life is not fair, you are just not yet realize what wonderful things you have that others might not have. Screw it, Let’s do it"

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

This book speaks about Bridging gaps between your career, goals, hurdles in life and much more. It’s so much more than a book, as it brings out the truth one needs to vision in order to make it to the end. Things that should have been told by great successors, who not only achieved their dreams, but also crossed the bridges, the hurdles, they faced during their struggling times. This book will show you ways, in which you can apply these things into your day to day life, watch the after effects of it.

"Find yourself; lose yourself. Repeat forever."

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