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Heal - Linguistic Patterns to Align Your Consciousness

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"I heal myself on all levels."


This book is about being grateful for the creative ability that we all possess. It is about the ability to heal. Our ability to heal is much greater than any other ability we possess or even greater than anybody could define. So, do not let people tell you otherwise, like how people say there is a superior body that will heal you or there is a God that heals or if you eat a certain medicine all your ailments will go away. All of these things contain the ability to heal but all of that ability is a lot lesser than our own ability to heal.

"This too, shall pass."

Why did I write this book?

I wrote this book for everyone dealing with challenges and to the brave who create a newer reality. It is dedicated to everyone who believe that they can create a better world and reach a better place than where they are at today. It is dedicated to everyone going through emotional, mental, financial or physical ailments but they refuse to stay in it and are willing to fight it in the hope of creating a new and better version of themselves. “To the ones who are willing to challenge the default.”


"I love being me."

How will this book benefit you?

Healing plays a vital role in one's health because opening up and overcoming obstacles that appears in ones way rather than suppressing them is a great way to begin a healthy life, through healing one is able to find self awareness, one is able to unravel the source of one's own pain, become aware of themselves as well as assist them in understanding their own body better, and at the end of the day who knows one’s own body better than the person themselves. This just goes to show that suppressing ones problems by running away does not solve anything. One must undergo years of healing in the sense of meditation as well as understanding what the center of the problem truly is by looking deep into one’s own mind which can only be achieved through rigorous forms of healing.

"I commit to being more present."

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

This book teaches you about how to be organized and well maintained in your daily chores. It helps you in letting your inner creativity out, and organizing things like never before. It gives you ample amount of empty space, which you can use according to your wish. It guides you through a busy day at work and even through your leisure days. It motivates you to keep going on, by reading the quotes, that have been printed on each page. It’s a manual one must use to have a organised and content day.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

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