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Listen To Me


"Not my monkey, not my circus."


This book is based on all the Quotes and learnings that have been talked about in the sessions room. Many people live by these quotes, as it has helped them, by motivating them in their tough times. Quotes aren’t just Quotes, they are words and teachings of Anil, that have helped people overcome their darkness, their sorrows, and even their failures in life. This book sheds light on all the possible things that one can relate to, it might be little things that one may have experienced, or even things that mean the most to you. These words will add new meaning to your life and will change the way you look at things.

"What we leave in children is more important than what you leave for them."

Why did I write this book?

People have always encouraged me to pen down my thoughts, my emotions, as it is due to them, I am what I am today. These learnings that I have taught in my sessions, have changed many lives and have motivated people to be a better version of themselves. You will find various quotes throughout the book, that hold meaning and teach you the true essence of life. These quotes are through what I and Dick have lived by all our lives, and I will continue to imbibe these little things in the hearts of others. These are my feelings, my emotions, my thoughts that have helped me in nurturing people, who seek justice within themselves. It’s a book that I cherish and will always remain close to me.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."


How will this book benefit you?

This book is combined of various quotes, that have been spoken for various different reasons. It’s a book, where each time you read a quote, in times of trouble or happiness, you end up finding two different meanings of the same quote. People have always related themselves to the words of others. They find inspiration and motivation that they need, in order to move ahead in their life. It might involve moving towards something in their life, or maybe moving away from something bad that might have happened in their life.

"Screw it, Let’s do it."

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

This book is based on the Quotes and Learnings from the session’s room. This book is a great chance to have a sneak peak on the insides of Anil’s teachings. It is filled with quotes that are meant for all ages, things that you may wish someone would have told you when needed. One can get a lot to learn through these quotes about life, its challenges, and how one can embrace change in their life. This book helps people by telling them ways, in which they can achieve their dreams. It gives you a direction to think, and process negative, hurtful situations into positive and motivating dreams, that one could not have done otherwise

"Either modify your dreams or magnify your skills."

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