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When you are in Questions, You cannot Fail


This book is all about the conversations that come out in a therapy setup. It discusses the various probing questions that a therapist asks their clients in a therapeutic setting. All the questions that lead the therapist as well as the client to have a better understanding of their experiences, the client's personality, and the goals that they want to accomplish in therapy. Each chapter in the book takes into consideration one probing question that a therapist asks the client in order to know more about all the striking moments in the life of the client that have brought about a change within them.

Why did I write this book?

The most important reason I wrote this book for was because I felt that it's so important to remember all the impactful moments that come up in therapy. While being in a therapeutic setting with a client, both the client as well as the therapist come across certain moments that bring a huge impact on both of them. It's hard to remember all these moments as time goes by, but I wanted to preserve and remember some of them in the form of this book which ultimately led me to co-author this book. All the important moments and conversations that come up in a therapeutic setting, can help us evaluate our lives and personality better.


How will this book benefit you?

This book has been written for the purpose of providing some insight to its readers about the process of therapy and the questions that are usually asked by a therapist from the client. With the help of this book, one can understand the various aspects that both the therapist and the client come across while in a therapeutic setting and how therapists enable the individual to gain a better understanding of themselves. This book will not only benefit people who want to become a therapist in the future but also the ones seeking therapy. While going for a therapy session for the first time, one may be a little anxious about what sort of questions the therapist is going to ask from them. In that sense, the book can really help an individual to know to some extent, what to expect from therapy. It will make it clear for people that the therapists do not have answers for people's problems. All they do is ask questions out of curiosity in order to enable the client gain an understanding of their problems and reach to a solution by themselves.

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

While reading this book, we encourage our readers to come with an open mind and try and understand the process of therapy on a small scale and how a therapist asks certain questions to probe the client to reach to an understanding of their problem. The readers are also encouraged to go through the questions, one by one, and evaluate their own lives and problems by answering the questions and trying to understand their answers to these questions.

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