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How to create an online course in under 20 days.

by Nandita Mittal

Think CRM software is just

about contact management?

Think again. CRM has free

tools for everyone on your team,

and it’s 100% free. Here’s how

our free CRM

22 Videos + 10 Hours video course

What will you learn :

Build a Course that prospects

wants to purchase.

Build a course with proper camera angle,sound & Light.

Content flow, engage & create exercise.

Speed Reading

by Joel Fernandes

Learn how to become a faster, more efficient reader and how to get through more reading in less time, while getting more out of it.

20 Videos + 2 Hours video course

What will you learn :

Increase visualisation & concentration abilities.

Classic Speedreading techniques.

To comprehend & read information.

Language Creates Experience

by Anil Thomas

Language is the crowning achievement of our species, yet language is

only a metaphor for experience.

The moment anything is expressed

in language, remember it already

away from experience.

12 Videos + 1 Hours video course

What will you learn :

How langauge shapes experience.

Edit unwanted memories.

Build better relations.

Change is Quick-Behavioral Flexibility continue

by Anil Thomas

Change can really happen at a much faster way but are we blocking that?, Are we stopping the healing process?

1 Video + 35 mins video course

What will you learn :

Know the nature & texture

of our world.

Decide to edit unwanted memories.

Enhance the power & anchors of resourceful events.

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