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Treatment of Trauma through Integrational Dissociation and Distortion

Trauma has been one of the oldest and most difficult sufferings of humans. Even though the source of trauma has passed, there are long-lasting effects that generations have to deal with.

Author: Anil Thomas


Function & Formation of Memory and the Application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This research is based on the idea that a link exists between memories and phobias, fears and traumas and mainly they can be reduced in one’s life by manipulating negative memories, the encoding process, and by using NLP as therapy and its techniques like the Swish Technique or the Visual-Kinesthetic Dissociation Technique to overcome and remove those very phobias, traumas and fears.

Author: Anil Thomas


Gestalt Cycle: The Resistance of Commerce

This brief report throws light on the evolution of humans, the various universal emotions that exist like happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger and the biological basis of the human brain, the two different hemispheres, the lobes and the functions that it performs.

Author: Anil Thomas, Smruti Pusalkar


Language shapes Perception

People use their native tongue every day, however, do they realize that their language changes how they perceive the world? Even when two people experience the same event, if they are speaking different languages they perceive the event differently.

Author: Anil Thomas


Four Quadrant


The world is a place of many different things coming together which sums up the span of one’s life. It consists of things which are within our reach and things which are out of our grasp too.

Author: Anil Thomas


Language: Our Truth, Our Experience

“Nim kle gadeetvoo tta corota-jra reyy... fuhoo kle. Dambadamba jivla baahaa-na...” roared the Kalakeya king when he challenged the Queen and her two sons for war against the Kingdom of Maheshmati.

Author: Anil Thomas


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