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Do’s and Don’ts of writing a book

When you write your first novel, do:

1. Plan your book from the beginning

Writing a book is a long commitment (depends on what you are writing). Planning is really important. It gives you a deadline that motivates you to meet those deadlines on time. When we do not have deadlines to meet there’s a high chance that we may end up procrastinating and drag on with writing the book.

You need to have daily goals, weekly goals and also you should set a deadline for your first draft.

If it is possible try to structure each and every chapter before you start writing so that you will have a clear idea of what you will be working on that day. If you already have the outline of your story, plan which parts of the story you will write when. It is better if you keep a week or monthly planner with you to keep track of your progress.

2. Keep any research in an organized, accessible place

Whenever you start writing your book make sure you have researched about the topic completely so that you do not include facts that are not correct. Keep your research handy and keep it organised so that whenever you need to go back and read about that topic you do not need to struggle finding that topic.

3. Write every day

As we mentioned earlier it is very necessary to write every day without fail. You should make writing a part of your daily routine. The goal shouldn’t be to write a lot but to write often. It is not necessary you write 1000 words in a day, then take a rest the next day. Rather than that you can write 500 words every day. The daily goal should be realistic and attainable. Once you start completing your daily goals you feel more motivated and dedicated to complete your next goal and that’s where the momentum starts building.