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This book takes you through a journey of self healing, motivating you to overcome your fears and finding contentment in the things that you do. It heals and teaches us ways, through which we should look at things, rather than making it complicated. It not only talks about concepts such as Bullying, Procrastination, but also things such as Living in the present, Being Realistic and so on. It takes you on a journey of positive healing and self love, and things that one should impart for a better and fulfilled life. To walk on the line of Happiness, one needs to understand the ways of tackling the sadness that we often face, whether in school, at home or among friends. Various things affect us that creates a turmoil within us, although those things need not be important to us. Learn to give your 100% in everything that you do because in the end, it’s the satisfaction of putting our best efforts, that brings peace within us.

Stories I Wish They Taught In School Instead Part-1

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