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Fairy Tales: Growth, Autonomy & Centralization

There was a rich Count who loved a very beautiful but poor young girl so much that he married her, but afterward, when he had to go away and take part in a war, he put the Countess, who was pregnant, under the care of the butler who was to look after her. But the butler fell in love with her and tried to seduce her; she refused him, and he was so angry that when she gave birth to two children he decided to slander her. The twin children were a boy and a girl and on the forehead of each was a beautiful star. The butler wrote to the Count saying that he had thought for a long time that the Countess had had an affair with a Negro but now it had become quite clear that this was so because she had given birth to two half-Negro children.

Understanding Economy & Ecology in Relationships

What is love? Is it Disney’s fairy tale prince charming white knight happily ever after, or roses and chocolates and wine and fancy dates and trips and fun and excitement and romance? No. Love is more like when you have barely slept for days and you have been fighting with your partner about the same damn thing for the last two weeks, and you have an overwhelming urge to just drop it all and run away because my God this can’t be what the rest of my life will look like will it? And yet despite it all, you still come home, and you do what needs to be done to get through it right now, because you choose to. Because you choose to continue to love even though you are not happy right now. Because you remember that right now is not forever, and in fact, your lifetime is not forever. And if you love as best as you can right now you will outlast right now.

Order and Chaos

Are you an emotional or a creative person? Maybe a musician or an artist? If so, then you are probably right-brained. No? Perchance you are a rational, critical, and logical thinker? Maybe an engineer or a mathematician? Then you are almost certainly left-brained. Most of us are aware that creativity and emotion are functions located in the right half of the brain, while logic and rationality are situated in the left half of the brain. There is this popular notion of left or right brain dominance, which determines a person’s way of thinking and his/her personality. However, this notion is a widely held misconception. Here we will discuss the concept of this notion, known as hemisphericity or hemispheric dominance, how it arose, and why it is a misconception.

Understanding Character


The optimal state of mind is one that best fits a particular context, according to Bar. Because our mood, breadth of thought, and scope of attention are interlinked, changing one changes the others accordingly. Since the brain can easily switch from one state to another, understanding that we can adapt our state of mind to a particular situation can prove quite beneficial and might just lead to a healthier state of mind. 

NLP - An Advanced Technology in the field of Human

A special session with NLP pioneer Robert Dilts on the topic of NLP - an advanced technology in Human Development.

Gestalt Therapy Verbatim

My surprise as I watched a vastly overweight mental health worker burst into sobs of deep grief within moments after Perls asked her to imagine that she were a beached whale. The whale had appeared in a dream about marine life that she had just recounted. With prompting from Perls, she seemed to melt before our eyes into a neglected child alone in her room, bitterly lamenting the emptiness of her existence. Usually this sort of epiphany occurred, if at all, only after a long spell in therapy. When Perls told her, as her tears dried, to become the sea in her dream, her huge shape seemed for a moment not just the visible burden of her self-hatred but an indication that she could be teeming with life

Psychotherapy & Mindfulness

A passionate engagement with the world, or wanting to do good, be engaged in humanitarian or political concerns, or lead the ethical life. It may be a love of nature or pursuit of physical prowess.

Neuroplasticity & its Application on Therapy

Attachment Styles

Attachment styles are stable but plastic. Knowing your specific attachment profile will help you understand yourself better and guide you in your interactions with others. Ideally, this will result in more happiness in your relationships.

The I and the Not I

Standing in Gratitude & Looking Beyond

Realization of The Dream Through The Body

As creatures with both habitual tendencies and a natural curiosity, we often find ourselves drawn to mysteries, whether they involve the complexities of life or the universe. However, when it comes to being curious about ourselves and our minds, there's a common tendency to overlook the potential mysteries within. This oversight may arise from the familiarity we've developed with ourselves over the years, residing within the same body and existence. The question that requires reflection is whether, despite our many years of existence, are we truly living or just existing.

The Myth of Persephone

On a serene day, much like any other in the land of Greece, the sun cast its radiant glow upon the lush green hills, and vibrant flowers adorned the earth. Persephone, the beautiful young maiden, played joyfully with her friends upon the hillside, while her mother Demeter sat nearby as her father Zeus observed from the heavens above. Amidst laughter and whispered secrets, the girls delighted in gathering colourful blooms like purple crocuses, royal blue irises, and fragrant hyacinths. Persephone briefly considered picking some for her mother but was captivated by the sight of a mesmerising flower – a narcissus, precisely the one her father had hoped she would find.

Our Inner Realities & The Impact of Trauma

“To heal is to make whole”. Make whole is tapping into our wholeness, and when we are whole that is the only time when we can get in touch with the world, both outside and inside. The world of emotions, transactions, and interactions. The world of rejections, demonetization, and covid. What affects us is not our responsibility, what our responsibility is to heal from what affects us. Judy’s question, ‘can you ever have a thought without a psychological, physiological or a biochemical response?’ tells us there is no split. If it’s in your mind, it’s in your body. But the question is, are you aware of that? Are you aware of its embodiment? Are you aware that it’s in your muscle, in your voice, in your avoidance, in your overcompensation? It’s present everywhere. The stories that you tell yourself eventually become your truth.

Resolving Unfinished Business
May 2024

Unfinished business is a term very commonly used amongst 'gestalt therapists and practitioners'. Growing up, the bumps and lumps that came our way during our learning & exploration path, have in some way or the other stayed with us unconsciously; which in-turn has altered our course of behaviors and point of views.

This lecture will help us in understanding:
- Definition and installation of unfinished business and
- How to identify unfinished business in personal areas of life.

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