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You Got This


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'You Got This' is a book authored by Anil Thomas and has been written and formulated based on his own experiences as a teacher. He talks about how the schooling system in India is not going to enhance a student's overall personality. He not only highlights the flaws in the Indian schooling system but also makes sure to put in the aspects that he would like students, parents, teachers, etc. all over India to be aware of and also the changes that need to be brought in the schools in order to promote an overall development of a student's mind so they can better deal with problems in real life. It is written in order to encourage students to look beyond the cliched aspects of school that only provide them with theoretical information, half of which will not enable the students to deal with their problems in real life. It aims at providing the knowledge and information that may be very useful for them to deal with problems related to day to day aspects of life.

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Why did I write this book?

The main aim of the book is to enable a student to learn more to deal with the problems they may face in their school life. School life is filled with so many problems and these don't just include solving maths problems. Problems like peer pressure, pressure of performance, choosing a career path, relationships, maintaining a balance between personal life and school life and what not. Schools may be becoming apparently "modern" in their approach but the system is still very old-fashioned. Majority of the schools in India don't pay attention to the problems that a student might be facing in their life. All they care about is getting their syllabus to be completed before the exams begin and they're done with their part. They don't realise the importance of schooling. Schooling should not just be done to provide theoretical information or following a particular set curriculum or syllabus. Schooling should be done in all aspects of life because this is when a child actually begins to learn new things. If at this point, the student is not able to deal with the stress they're facing due to multiple personal issues, they may not be able to learn to deal with actual problems in life as well and will always be under stress trying to look for someone to spoon feed the solution or solve the problem for them. This is the only reason why this book has been written in order to encourage the schools in India and to implant this knowledge among students that schooling should be much more than just solving equations, learning theories, etc.

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How will this book benefit you?

This book mostly contains various sections further divided into chapters that are in the form of life lessons that can help students out and make schooling much more enjoyable. Each section is about a particular aspect of one's school years and thus, reading this book can help the students to understand all these concepts and deal better with the issues they face in their lives currently as well as with the ones they may encounter in the future. From dealing with exam stress to handling relationships to making future career plans, this book contains it all. It discusses how students can deal with these aspects better and make their lives easier. Not only will this book benefit students but also the parents and the teachers as after reading this book, they might be encouraged to bring about the required change within the schooling system leading to better and quality school lives of students while also leading to their overall growth and personality development.

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

While reading this book, it's important for students to keep an open mind and try to understand and follow what's written in the book. They're encouraged to have further discussions on these topics with their parents and teachers which will only enable them to gain clarity on what the book is about and also expose the parents and teachers to the book itself. For parents and teachers who plan to read the book, it's important to make sure that they should try and accept these changes in the schooling system as it'll only help their children to deal with their life problems better. Parents and teachers are encouraged to let their kids take risks as it's the only way they'll be able to understand things better instead of asking them to be away from the risks and problems. Parents, teachers, and schools are for guidance of the students and not for controlling their lives and making decisions for them. The book propagates this idea very clearly for parents, teachers, and schooling systems to understand and acknowledge

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