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​Keep Going

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“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds”


Why is it that some people break down when faced with a seemingly routine life challenge, which most others are able to deal with? Why is it that some people seem to be always sad and unhappy even when everything seems to be perfectly fine in their lives? Why is it that some people are haunted by imaginary fears that others don’t seem to have? What sets some people apart from the others? These are some of the questions that this book attempts to answer. This is why what sets some people apart from others. In this book, we present to you stories of such everyday heroes, going through some or the other form of mental disorders, challenges, and concern.

“You can be happy, hurting and healing at the same time”

Why did I write this book?

As someone who practices NLP for a living, I have expressed my thoughts in writing this book is to mainly determine the fact that mental illness is not necessarily something unknown, something foreign, something that happens to ‘other’ people. It could just as well be you and I, and only when we, as a people, realize this, will the stigma against mental illness dissolve. The day we see mental illness as something that could strike anyone, the day we see that what it calls from us is empathy, understanding, and tolerance, that will be the day that society at large will be truly able to include people with emotional and psychological challenges as part of the mainstream life. Until then, it is up to each one of us, in our own capacity, to uphold the right of people with psychological challenges to live their lives fully, whole-heartedly, and meaningfully.

“People don’t need to have a problem to seek help”

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How will this book benefit you?

A number of courageous people with mental illness have published poignant autobiographical memoirs detailing their life experience. These writings often portray both suffering and distress caused by mental illness as well as the journey of recovery and the strategies of resilience. It gives YOU, as readers a deep understanding of the alienation, loneliness, shaming stigma and social exclusion that is often experienced by people with mental health difficulties. Reviews indicate that reading these narratives can increase connectedness and understandings of recovery while validating personal experience and reducing stigma. This book offers hope and inspiration by illuminating the realities of recovery in the face of adversity.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”​

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

Why don’t we keep an open mind to listen to all the characters sharing their stories with us through this book and try to understand that people having mental illness are as normal as people falling sick. Mental illness is no taboo, the ones facing them should be looked and treated as no different. By reading this book you might not reach that position of hands on helping people who suffer but would change the perspective of the way we look at them. At the least we could do is, hearing them out and making them feel its okay to feel what they are feeling.

“Ever so quietly, I walked around, with the loudest panic and wondered how passer-by could not hear the bombs dropping could not hear thunder did not notice catastrophe.”

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