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Have you ever wondered if life could be much simpler? Could friendships be easier and love more expansive? Who am I? Why am I here? These questions could be answered magically.

We often have points of views about certain social events. How certain things should or should not be, how things should show up, or people should behave. Leave alone others we have so many judgments about ourselves; we are often trapped in the vicious cycle of trying to figure out life and in doing so we either get lost or just are not having fun anymore.

“Get Rid Of Your Poop” is a book to simplify life. A book to help you get rid of the negative baggage you are carrying around. We often make things much more complicated than they actually are, only because we are not aware. Here is a book to change all that for you NOW. Whether it is money, relationships, work, what is that unnecessary drama that’s keeping you stuck? And what can you do to change it?

With simple examples in a story form along with tools on how you can make these shifts for yourself, it is a fun easy read for a better living.
I wonder what character will you be playing from this book. Looking forward to the magic it will create for you.


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