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Thoughts are the basic premise of how you attract the life you desire. One must not forget to coincide with the entire being as the truth is—you feel your life into existence. The universe is a large orgasmic energy, which is elated, aroused, and is creative and generative. When you embody this exuberance, the process of attracting what you desire in your life speeds up.

The question is, do you desire to live like a robot on auto-mode? Or, do you have the mettle to take the reins of your life in your hands and become the magician, experiencing the ecstasy as your every thought unfolds in front of your eyes?

In Orgasmic Universe, you will learn to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle that are still holding you back. As you awaken this vigor, all areas of your life—money, relationships, work, health, and happiness—will take the beautiful form you wish. You will not only be more present, involved, intuitive and stimulated with every existing moment but life will be orgasmic. 

Orgasmic Universe

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