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Stories I Wish They Taught in School Instead - Part 2

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"Trust is like a paper, once crumpled, it cannot be made perfect."


This book takes you through a journey of You. It teaches you things that you must understand, that you must nurture and that you should do with yourself. It helps and teaches us ways, that life as we say, does not be the way we imagine it, but the way it’s supposed to be. It talks about maintaining our inner peace, taking a break whenever we feel it’s too much to take in and ways that we can create new possibilities for ourselves. We should have our own unique identity, for which people will love us and love what we do.

"Life isn’t about getting and having. It’s about giving and being."

Why did I write this book?

This book is a reflection on Stories I Wish they Taught In School Instead Part-1. It helps in ways that one should learn to be sarcastic, while feeling calm and grounded at the same time. It teaches you focus and balancing various aspects of our lives. We should always do something different, something unique, through which people think about us for the good we have done. We should stop Exaggerating things and let them be the way they are. We should learn to be an Original than a replica of someone else. Its alright to fail, don’t blame it on luck. Learn from your mistakes and never lose hope. Create new opportunities for yourself. Lastly, make a difference to yourself, cause you matter.

"We become what we think."

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How will this book benefit you?

This book is based on the idealogy of oneself. It helps us in analysing our behaviour, our personality, our unique qualities and teaches us to be an original version of ourselves. We should make mistakes and learn from them. If you fall, dust yourself and back up. It teaches you to maintain a healthy attitude towards yourself and imbibe the qualities that will help you in achieving your goals. It shows you to embrace your skills and do the best that you can. Indeed, this book teaches us all the things that make us a better version of ourselves. It’s a mirror, that everyone needs throughout their life. Its that constant motivation, that helps us to move forward in our lives and feel content about it.

"Don’t make someone else’s opinion your reality."

What intention to keep in your mind while reading this book?

This book is a reflection on You. It teaches you to be yourself and not a replica of anyone else. We often look upon our elders and want to be like them in many ways. But if you see carefully, they are their own, unique and original form. They are just the way they are. It teaches us that life is all about giving, and you should always try and do things different. It shows us the meaning of being organized, developing patience and striving for focus with us. It believes in building each other, by strengthening each other’s negative points, and balancing life with the positivity.

"There is no such thing as work-life-balance, it is all life. The balance has to be within you."

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